Thursday, October 28, 2004

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  • The Southern Blogs Ring is now closed to new members.

    We will reopen after a short while so please stay tuned.

    If you've made it this far south and you're ready to Join us, welcome.

    The Southern Blogs Ring was created for all those bloggers who take pride in the rich heritage of their southernness: the south side, south of France, south of the border, southpaws, South Bend, or just plain south of center.

    There are very few requirements other than those dictated by common sense: no porn, no hate, no exceptions. Please keep to the best interests of your family and society and we'll all benefit - controversial topics and original thinking will, we believe, make for an interesting Ring. Good luck, good blogging and stay in touch. Choctaw

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    It will be smaller in your sidebar which should be the actual location (see the example on the right)

    If you desire a more graphic look copy and paste this image into the code.
    Please first, however, save the image to your own server.

    Thank you, Choctaw

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